Monday, 12 December 2016

Maths work

Walt Find more than one way to solve a problem

Picnic writing

Walt Time to finish things off properly
Last week on Friday the whole entire school had a picnic, it was so fun because we got to play and swim and also make sand castle. We had lots of sports and got to play touch with the year 8 boys and also the year 7 boys and also we were able to have karaoke with the whole school we also got to make sculptures out of clay.

The first activities that I did was played touch with the boys because it was the only fun activitie to play for me when I had finished playing touch I went make a sculpture with the clay all I had to do was put water on then I was able to construct and make a sculpture when I had finished playing I went and played with some friends we had buried somebody under sand and it was really fun because every time we had applied sand to him it kept on going on his face it was so hilarious and funny.

When we were playing and having so much fun  you could see that the sand was hot and ground was burning we all were burning and dying in this heat and were wanting jump into the ocean and have a swim that was how hot it was on Friday.

When I was playing it started to get  even hotter and so all did was just stay in the shade and had rest from all that playing and running so I went to have a water and had seen some of my friend eating so I had joined and we were eating some pizza that was all I had done for the school picnic.


Walt: Synthesise information from multiple sources.  
Success Criteria: I can make links between the multiple resources I access to determine what is a physical or chemical change?

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Assassin Creed

Name Raiden
Age 21
From Italy
DOB 21/12/19
Hobbies Assassinating,
Born in FranceScreenshot 2016-11-30 at 10.35.44 AM.png

Name Sam
Age 22
Born France
DOB 06/02/04
Hobbies Also Assassin
From FranceScreenshot 2016-12-01 at 9.59.11 AM.png

Name Jacky
Age 29
DOB 1/1/19
Hobbies assassin killer
From France

Once upon a time there was a man named Raiden who was raised in France and came from a generation of assassins. He  had taken upon a job of hatred and said to his grandpa that he will take this duty and serve the family of generations.

One day Raiden found a suit of armour and also a lot of other gear and went out to take it for a test run, when he got back he had found that his grandpa was dead and that he had made it his mission to find the killer.

When Raiden had found this mysterious door in his basement he had opened it and then he found this mysterious orb it was like it was calling him to touch this orb, could be able to unlock his true and powerful hidden powers... when he had touched this glass orb he was able to run fast and  jump high and do parkour as well. When he finished playing around he had found a scroll saying’’ you are able to use fire and lightning powers to help you out through your journey’’.

When he was finished processing this all he found that there was an assassin in their house he found that he was able to use lightning and also ice powers. He asked
’’ who are you and how did you know my name’’
he said ’’ I am Sam that is my grandpa as well’’
Raiden said’’ WHAT THE HACK!!’’
when Sam had said that Raiden said ’’ are you w your  Sam said ’’yeah i'm pretty sure I even have powers just like you’’.

When Raiden went outside he called out to Sam to come and help me find evidence to find the killers that have killed his grandpa so when they had found out that someone was watching them from the sky they could tell that it was one of the killers that had killed his relative when they had caught up with him they had frozen him so that he couldn’t move.

When they were finished with him
Sam had asked ’’ who are you and where are you from’’
Jacky said’’ I am also an assassin just like you but I am here to help  and working for the  people that will help you and give you more power and more abilities because that is where your grandfather is and he used to be an elite assassin but then he had quit to protect you two from evil like the people that have killed him know and that’s all I  got to say to you know but if you want you can com e with me and get your abilities more stronger and be even stronger than your grandfather’’ so when he had finished talking so Raiden and Sam.

When they had found the base for training they could see these statues that was showing their grandfather and also Jacky showed them on how to upgrade their abilities so all they did was to just keep firing their/ powers at the dummy and they could even feel that their powers were getting more stronger.

So when they had finished powering up they had to start powering their abilities to run fast and jump and also do perfect par kour when they had started they did front flips and back flips and also when they had finished they were so fast they broke the world record that their grandfather left and when they had finished training they had went inside and had a rest.
When they had woken up they went down stairs to have some breakfast they had found that their weapon were getting more upgrades so they tried all their weapons out they we so sharp they were able to transfer their power too their swords and make it stronger. When they were finish testing their weapons they had set out to find the killer so they asked Jackie ’’ So they asked him again if Jackie ’’ had any information on the killer and where they live and how to get there’’ so when Jackie went into the building he had grabbed this orb of revealing so all they had to do was look in it and they will find the killer.

When they had found out who was the killer had taken there sword and the killer was Jacky so they thrown all they got him there last will all their might and had killed Jackie that was the end of Assassin Creed.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Earthquake kaikoura

Walt: Compose a letter using vocabulary to add effect
To people of Kaikoura  

I Legitimately feel sorry for your lost I hope you may recover and find hope so that you may recover from your family's death and that you may find your true love. I feel so sorry about your hometown I feel terrible about the landslides, the cracks on the road and also the ocean seabed on how it had lifted up. I really am sorry about the awful earthquake that had accrued on kaikoura and I know that I don’t know how many people have died I hope that your city can recover from all that damaged.

I feel so shocked about how many aftershocks that have occurred in your city I hope that your city will be safe and hope you all get out of kaikoura and get safe from all of the damage and hope know one else will die from landslide and I hope that the navy shall come and rescue you from the 7.5 earthquake and I wish that the earthquake those not keep on rising.

I have seen the news I saw that three lucky had survived I looks like their has come early.
I really wish that you guys may make it through the earthquake and will not potentially rise and create more death and destroy your city and I hope that the sea life may be saved and will not die and will be safe inside an aquarium.

Your sincerely Moroni

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Properties of shapes and angles

Our task today was to learn and find out what the angle was for all our question and find out the answer was for that angle and we also had to make a poster explaining what was an angle and what the degrees were for the shape the end.

Monday, 7 November 2016

My Extension project

This is my extension project and have made it into a video for you to watch. I have placed information inside this presentation for you to read and watch what I have been learning about is Heroes and Technology. My hero is Usain Bolt why I have picked Usain Bolt is because he is also fast but has heaps of courage when he does his running for the Olympic. I have also learnt how technology has changed everything for the olympic you will see all the information in my video.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Chemical and Physical form

WALT: Understand the difference between a chemical and physical change.
Today we were learning about how matter changes the matter of the material and we were also learning about the chemical and the physical state of matter and how it changes if you applies heat or applies any other substance to the matter. We were also learning how it is often that the physical form is often reversible and it is the same as the chemical form of matter and to see if it would return to its normal state of the chemical matter.

Monday, 10 October 2016


WALT understand and work out varibles today we learned how to work out an variable and this also my algebraic today I have learned how to figure out an variable and also the meaning of the variable is that variable means that a number equation changes each you use that number and this is also the start of term 4 maths work and their is also a example for you to look at and help you with your algebra and varibles.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Geometery area and perimeter

WALT:find the area and perimeter of 2D straight-sided shapes My task for today was to learn on how to find the area and the perimeter of the shape. The perimeter of a shape is the out side of the shape for example the outside of a square has for side you have to find out what is the size of the shape and also we had to find out how much the area of the the shape is like what the area of a square is and that is all.

Friday, 16 September 2016

The Black plague

WALT: Compare and contrast today we were learning how to compare our story and how we contrast it in a way the audience will under stand and will like and we I have learnt that at there are two types of rats there are normal rats and also ship rats the ship rats carry fleas that have a virus which gives you a symptom that makes you sick and kill you in less than 20 to 23 days if you are lucky enough to get 20 or 23 days. The virus is name is called the Plague of the Black death the symptom has not been experience for over 1000 years or maybe even more.

Getting ready for the Olympic Boxing

Today we were learning about how a boxer is when he or she is getting ready for the Olympic and he lives and gets ready and how he he lives and eats what kind of diets. We were also in a group but our could of worked on helping out our team with how they could speak louder say it more clearly and our team was called the Ifo Ifo Squad as you can see on our presentation it say the Ifo Ifo Squad. Also our group did well on giving our audience heaps of information.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Walt: Under stand shapes
  We are trying to under stand what is a shape and what is the proper name for that name.

The Donald Trumps Us election

WALT: Compose and contrast We were learning how to compose our audiences and were also trying to contrast our work and in doing so we also showed how we Compose and contrast the differences between the peoples views and how we change their priorities and how the viewer see's it.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Measurement Question

John rode 2 kilometers on his bike. His sister Sally rode 3000 meters on her bike. Who rode the farthest and how much farther did they ride (answer in km)? 3 km

Jessica is measuring two ribbons. The first ribbon is 30 cm long. The second ribbon is 500mm long. How long are the two ribbons together? (answer in cm) 50 cm

Steven wakes up for school at 6:30am in the morning. If school starts at 8:00 am, how long does he have from the time he wakes up until school starts? (answer in minutes) 1 hr and 30 minutes

Stephanie and her best friend Brianne went to see a movie. It started at 1:45pm and ended at 4:00pm. How long was the movie? 2 hr and 15 minutes

Ezra's stuffed animal has a mass of 300 grams. How many milligrams is the stuffed animal? 300000

Skylar goes to a pumpkin patch and picks out a pumpkin that has a mass 6,000 grams. How many kilograms is the pumpkin? 6 kg

Question One
Miss Berry measured her hair at the beginning of June. It was 80cm long. She got 20cm cut off of it at the beginning of July. At the beginning of August her hair had grown to 90cm long.

How long was her hair at the beginning of July (in mm) after she had it cut? 60cm
How much did her hair grow in July (in mm)? 200mm

Question Two
Tihi was building a wall out of bricks. Each brick is 25cm long and 15cm high.

In 1 month Tihi had built a wall that was 20 bricks across and 30 bricks high.

How long is the wall (in m)? 5 meters
How high is the wall (in m)?4.5 meters high

During the holidays Tihi had a lot more time to build his wall. At the end of the holidays it was 2.5m longer and 3m higher than it was before. How many bricks did he add to his wall? 900 bricks

Question Three
The world record for the longest plank is 8 hours and 1 minute. What is that in seconds? 28860 seconds
Question Four
Chris was Pt England’s best long jumper. He had four attempts at the school record which was 6.54m.

On his first attempt he got 6.1m.
On his second attempt he jumped another 30cm.
On his third attempt he was only 2mm from breaking the record.
On his fourth attempt he beat the school record by 0.13cm

What distance did he jump on his: 6.67
Second attempt? 6.4

Third attempt?6.538

Fourth attempt?6.67

Cross country

When I was getting started for cross country, I could feel the heat coming of the players, I was nervous because I thought that I was going to get a bad start I could feel the cold grass and the smelly mud, I was getting into my starting position when everyone was pushing everybody to get a head start and win the race.

When Mr Burt said “on your mark get set go!” and the clapper went off like it was a gun shooting straight up into the air. all runners ran off and went off like a flash, all you could see was people running off like a jippy everybody was so excited and all you could hear was the crowd going wild and shouting, it was like we were in a stadium with over 700 hundred people shouting, when the runners were sprinting they past the icky muddy puddle which was a challenge all you could see was that some of the runners were slipping in the filthy mud and falling.

When the runners got back up I tried my hardest to get  in front of all the players when I got out of the school boundary it was hard to run because the grass was long as an cut bush it was we were in a jungle it was hard to run because every time we ran we kept sinking into the mud it was like we're stepping into quicksand when we past the mud we had to run 1500 kilometers around the reserve once we got out of the mud we had to take a right and past the smelly horse were it smelt like we past a dump with all the trash in one spot so I tried to get as far as I could from the horse kaka all I saw was cows and lots of it when I made I had stopped for a break then carried on it was like my legs got punched it was so sore but I never gave. When I past the cows I could smell the cows when they we’re doing their business it was so unpleasant the smell was stinky it was like I  was swimming in kaka so I ran an ran an ran until I got to the other side and had a little break it was like I had been running for over five hours and like I was sitting in a tanning bed so I tried to sprint to the finish as so I sprinted as fast as I could. When I was close to the finish I past it and came ninth and I was so happy that I came ninth place and past and I was stoked that all I wanted to do was sit down and relax because tired as a sloth. So when I got to the end of the line I ran to the water and grabbed myself a nice glass of water and then I ran to the water to drink some more and that is what happened at the cross country for 2015 the end.

Monday, 5 September 2016


walt: solve word problems that involve numbers to two decimal places This week we were learning how to set and answer measurement problems and how to find an easy way to find out the answer for our equation.

Escape from afghanistan

walt: Analye the cultural context within the text we were learning how to analyse the text within our reading and how to find evidence to support our text.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Hiwi the kiwi writing

Hiwi the kiwi planning: laughing, cheering, learning about fish, We were learning about fish and how we look after them , If you catch a fish that is under 20 centimeters you have to let it grow, if it is too big you have to let it breed.we were also trying to save these nearly extinct animals.

Mark and Chrissy, the founder of hiwi the kiwi, came to our school. They came to show us a cool performance about saving our fish and saving the life cycle of seafood for all to enjoy in the future. Mark and Chrissy came to explain how to save and keep our environment healthy and clean, so all our animals in the sea get to live a healthy life, and also to song  these endangered specie called the black Petril bird which is nearly extinct and that is why hiwi the kiwi came to our school.

Mark and Chrissy the founders had been traveling around New zealand For some people where are life jacket had been visiting schools all around the country. when they came to our school they had started to play a song which was called Pukeko Weko the song was cool but at the same time boring for me but I think other people through that it was amusing to sing and dance too. They also taught us fun facts to learn about fish and how we were able to look after them because they knew all of that from traveling and finding out new facts around our country and also school and inspiring other kids besides us.

When Mark asked us if we knew what was the correct answer of size for a snapper he asked if anyone knew  the answer so my brother Lehi put his hand up and he went on to the stage and had said you need theruler to measure the fish if it is the right size to have

Mark asked if anyone knew why we needed lifejackets and a little girl put her hand up and said we need it because so when we go on to the boat and if we have an accident we will be able to float instead of swim and waste your energy trying to get to land. He also told us a story when these three men that knew how to swim were going super fast and were just zooming all over these lake and had know idea that there was this massive log in front of them and they went flying into the air and there lifejackets were in the front of the boat but they never had enough time to get to so when they fell out of the boat, and the boat had still been going and it went zooming down the lake and the those men were never found because they drowned because they never had their life jackets on.

When mark was finished the story he sang us a song which was called Kai  moana the song was cool I really liked because it was catchy I really liked I would give it a ten out ten. When the song was finished they said goodbye and one of our prefects said thankyou and goodbye to the Hiwi the Kiwi.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Silicon Valley writing

Last term two boys from Tamaki college came to our school their names are Saia and Gabriel they came to our school and were coming to tell us about where they were going they said that they were going to Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is in America where they were going to meet the founders of the companies like Google, Twitter, Xero, Ideo, Facebook, and other companies as well.    

If I had a chance to go to Silicon Valley then I would because I would want to see all those cool companies and meet new people and also the founders of the companies. Also I would like to visit the famous prison called the Alcatraz that prison used to be the top prison in all of America and only three people were able to escape but  know knew were their bodies where.
If I get the chance to go to Silicon Valley I would want to visit google and would see all the amazing things in google.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

How our muscles work

In our body there is over 600 hundred muscles for our body just to move and to be stable all those 600 hundred muscles in our body are all important, if any of those were to die our body will fail on us and we will have to wait for our body to heal the muscles. We have 600 hundred muscles to 850 muscles in our body and we also have these three types of muscles in our body they are called the skeletal muscles and smooth muscles and cardiac muscles inside your body.

There is the skeletal muscles and cardiac muscles and the smooth muscles they each have a purpose in your body. The first muscles is called the smooth muscles also known as involuntary muscles which means it works by itself and you don’t have to tell it what to do. There is another muscle called the cardiac muscle it is also known as the heart and the myocardium and also pumps blood and relaxes your body.

The last muscle is called skeletal muscle also known as the voluntary muscles unlike the involuntary muscle the voluntary muscle works when you want it to work so like when you move your hand you could see your muscles when you tense your arm and that is what skeletal muscle is and is also attached to your bones and by tendons.

Your muscle just don’t move by themselves your brain sends these brain waves through your body and the brain is also known as the cerebral motor cortex and the cerebellum. The cerebellum helps the cerebral motor cortex to send brain waves which are also electrical pulse in your body to move your muscles. But there is another the brain can’t just do it by itself there is a muscle extensor and flexors they are also known as biceps the bicep helps to contract the muscle and to relax the muscle and there is also another name for the extensors which are called triceps also contracts and relaxes the muscles.

Monday, 8 August 2016

waltUse our prior knowledge to analyse the text. We are learning to find out how we get tired and how our muscle get tired.

Why do our muscles get tired. post

WALT:Use our prior knowledge to analyse the text. we have been learning how our muscles get tired by looking for information about our muscles.

Olympic Writing

The Olympic games were for competing against other countries for the world championship and to gain the top prize which was called the gold medal and also other medals as well which were the silver medal and the bronze medal.

P1 sports , discus ,javelin, horse riding, death battles,chariot racing,boxing, and other many sports,

P2 Religion the god pagan practice sacrifices, They always practice and never gave with training. They never ate too much and had a healthy diet and they eat heaps of food but they still keep fit.

P3, Now they have new sports in the future , Fencing, Volleyball, Shooting, Archery, swimming, cycling, 7 rugby, soccer, weight lifting, high jumps, pole vault, Kayaking, sailing. Canoeing, BMX riding, Dirt biking, Gymnastics,

The first sport they played was called sprints at that time they kept on evolving and making new sports so when only sprints had been invented they made new games to play. They are called wrestling, boxing, and chariot racing and also foot running and also javelin and discus and other many sports. Back in the BC they also played other games in the Colosseum in Greek back in the BC.

Back in the BC they always made sacrifices which meant not enough time with families, and always practising for the Olympics and trying to get fame for winning a competition and are trying to win a crown which is made out of leaves for the winner of the competition.The Olympic is a religious competition for the Greek in Olympia.

In the future there are new sports there are many sports to be played in the Olympics the new sports for the future. There is Fencing, Volleyball, Shooting, Archery, swimming, cycling, 7 rugby, soccer, weight lifting, high jumps, and also pole vault, Kayaking, sailing, and also Canoeing, BMX riding, Dirt biking, and Gymnastics. I think that is all the sports that I know, but I think that there is a few more sports left and there are still old sports left from the BC when the Olympic was created from the old in day.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

The first Olympic Marathon

WALT: Identify the main ideas within a text. We were learning how to find the main ideas in the story and within the text and story and we trying to put our explain it in our own words and find the main ideas in our story.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Activitie one of winter Learning journey

Image result for pentathlon 776I am picking the pentathlon for my sports because back in the BC , I'd really love to be active I love Shot put because I came first in Shot put for my school. For javelin I came first and I would be active all time at Javelin, and I have a good arm at launching the spear back in the BC. I would love to do long jump because I love to do fitness and I would be able to jump high and go long.  In the challenge of pentathlon I think I would come 5th for the first heat on 100 meters sprint and on the last heat I would come 9th.