Wednesday, 27 September 2017

FLounder catching

Welcome I am here to tell you about today, Today I will be telling you about how my school and 12 special kids who got to go fishing for flounders. We had the opportunity to go down to River side ave were we got to go and watch the 12 special people that got to fish for flounders, for our very own tank that we have at our school. When we got down to the river side they had started to sing waiata's we got to sing our school waiata which were Ko Te whaea, Ko Te aroha, E Ihoa a. 

After we had sang our songs they had told us that kauri flats got 4 baby flounder and our school got over 20 baby flounders here is a photo to show what they might look like thank you for listen.
Image result for baby flounder
Image result for baby flounder

Friday, 22 September 2017

Film Festive High Light's

I am so scared about room 4 film festival movie. I heard that they were doing something mysterious and weird. Hi and my name is Moroni I am in room 4, today I will be giving you a sneak peek into what room 4 is doing for the film festival. Room 4 is doing a Blind folded food taste well entirely I am unsure in what our movie will be called so sorry for the unpleasant name. 

So I got to have a turn and it was so scary and anxious because I was sitting on a chair were, I was waiting for these random and foul foods that, I could have also when you think about it, could be anything that would be given to you so, if you want to find out on what I got to eat come along and watch room 4's amazing film festival movie hope you enjoy room 4's movie.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Understanding then negative numbers

WAlT. Understanding the negative numbers.
  Today we are learning to find the negative numbers and also to understand the meaning of negative and positive numbers in our learning.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Glow in the dark Ad Poster

Hello people Hear is what I have Created. This Is a poster about glow in the dark for our school disco 
here you will be able to have fun and party along with your friends, and run and have so come at 6.30 pm you will only have to pay $3.00 so come along and have fun.

Advertisement Post for Class

Hello fellow bloggers today I have done I brain storm about reading a book, Around a poster as you can see here is a poster of what I have found out about this poster. Our topic around the poster was  about reading a book

Friday, 11 August 2017

(GEGNZ) Student Summit Reflection

At the GEGNZ Also known as (Google Educator Group New Zealand) hosted By Ormiston Junior College. First we had to go in the theatre for a presentation about the sea after all of that was finished we got to go and have fun spending time with my friends, also going around and watching, learning new things about coding and other sorts of things in New Zealand. I got to see how other people reacted on how they presented and we got to go and see robots and new codes that we did not no how to use. 

We also go to present our work there were two types of groups The Scratch Team and The Penn Group we presented at different time so we were last what we had to present to our group of people what we got to teach them was about scratch and how it would help them. they also got to make there own game after we had presented we got to go in to the theatre were there where prizes given out to kids there were three kids that got to them from our school they were, Mitchell, Yvonne, and Simon. So after we had finished with the prizes we had to go back to school and relax.