Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Topic: Micro chipping Cats

I agree on Micro chipping cats because it can help to find missing cats if they have been lost. Although the cost is expensive this will still be able to save the cats well being in the long run.
Micro chipping places a tracker inside the neck of the pet and makes it a lot more easier for their owners to find their pet where ever they are. The cost of the treatment will be around $45 to $80 and that cost might be the same for other vets as well.
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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Making an Act

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The first step to making the law is for the parliament to vote on if it is going to become a bill/draft law, The next step will be to for it to go through the committee so that they would be able to see if there will be any problems with the new law that may proceed. Then when that process is done the bill will returned to parliament for the second reading and then they will be able see if the law will having any effect on the public. The last reading or step is for the governor general or someone who is royalty will have to give them the OK for it to be a real and for the people who have authority to enforce it.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Review: On how does parliament create laws

Why we need laws?

I have noticed that the Mp's of parliament have been creating new bills / Draft laws"A draft law is something that is being made into a law but has not gone through any of the process." to be debated upon to see if that law will be able to help our society out in any way. Also here is why we need these laws one reason why we would need these is that our society could go into chaos and be ruin with outlaw we would not be able to have ordered. One way of keeping order is to have consequences like having to go to court and facing a judiciary/judge. But the first step is to go through an enforcer or someone who has control of law like a police person then you go to a judge.

How parliament make laws?
How laws are made step 1 is to consider if the bill is irrelevant, after that the bill is sent to the first reader the beehive/ house of representative. Then is sent to the select committee to debate on the new bill and that will take up to 6 months and more to see if it will be of any use for the public. The second debate with the real reading on which if the new law is useful for the public. The next reading when someone of royalty signs the bill to make it a real law and for the public to follow

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Review: New Pm for Australia

I disagree because the New Zealanders are unable to take a trial here is a quote  "Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said Morrison was hitting the ground running where New Zealand was concerned because of his previous familiarity".
Also, the reason I am not agreeing is that they are unable to get a proper trial or a chance to give them their reason.
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Monday, 20 August 2018

Review: Bottling New Zealand Water.

Image result for lake taupoI think that foreign people who are selling water should be illegal because they are coming from overseas and are investing in our land and using our natural resources to benefit their needs. Yes, they do have rights to use the water on how they have been using it. But they need to bring up selling the water overseas because they have no approval from the ministry of government.

By David Marama
"We need to ensure that we are not giving away this resource to international corporations to reap profits from at the expense of New Zealand's best interests," Greens co-leader Marama Davidson said today.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Review: Plastic bags

Today we have been given an article on plastic bags. The government/ Jacinda Ardern and Simon bridges are debating on banning plastic bags, But Simon Bridges is wanting to throw the topic away because he thinks that it is a distraction for the New Zealand Government. What I think of this subject is that I agree to ban plastic bags because it would be able to help our environment to stay healthy.

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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Survivor: Reflection

The first problem we faced would have to be finding supplies and water. The way we solved the problem would have to be searching in groups of two to make the search much more efficient and faster so that it was easier.

Another problem that we ran into was finding out what we would have to build first the options were a Boat & a House. Another important problem we ran into was figuring out who would have been the leader to organized search parties and more, Ther way we resolved the problem was playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

When making decisions it wasn't just one person who had burden it was the whole group so it was actually easier on the group it's self.

The reason we had to do this task was so that we would have a brief vision of what the government has to do for the people in their community, So our teacher made us do something similar but on a smaller scale, So we had to pick someone who would be able to do what the government can.
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