Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Death Battle

CHARACTERS, tourist, Zane is short and annoying, and john loves hunting, raz has black hair and is shy as well, Zack is a scaredy cat and is shy from time to time. Wild hunters and wild animals     
CONFLICT, the hunters are trying to catch the leader from the lion pack

One beautiful day John went hunting with his light rifle. He asked his friends Zane, Zack, and Raz if they wanted to come hunting. Zane was short and also the annoying one because he never stopped talking. The other two never liked to talk  because they were both shy. When they went hunting they stumbled on some tourists who wanted to take photos of wild animals. But when John and his friends went with the tourists they weren’t the only one’s looking for wildlife. There were other hunters looking for wild animals like lions, tigers and other vicious animals in Australia.
But when John said “there is no need to hunt these wild animals” and “why are you doing this?” the leader from the wild hunters said “you should just leave and let us carry on with our thing”. So John said “why don’t you just leave! You are not from here so just get on your plane and go back to Austria!” They went but they never left. Instead they sorted out a plan to capture some of the tourists.
Later that day the hunters returned and kidnapped some of the tourists as bait to lure John and all his mates. When John woke up he saw that some of the tourists were missing. Suddenly he saw the hunters and they didn’t look happy. “Let’s make a deal” said the hunter. “We want all the lions in exchange for the four hostages”. John got so angry that he but he had no other choice. When he told his mates what had happened, they decided to come up with another plan.
The men talked and talked until they came up with a plan. John said “we should create a distraction so the others will be able to get in and take the hostages to safety”. So they went on with the plan and went to the enemy’s base. When they got to the enemy’s base, they split up into two team’s. One half  went and created a distraction so that the other half of the team could grab the hostages and take them to safety.
FInally the hostages were safe. Their plan had worked. The police were already on their way to arrest the bad guys and took them to jail.  


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bloody forest

The Bloody Forest
One day there were two boys their names were Lucky, Wonka. Lucky was 18 years old and he had an Afro as big as a bush the colour of his hair was bright as the sun and he was tall as a door. He had one brother his name was
Wonka, he was 16 years old he was short as a year 8 and his hair was the same as his brothers hair but the colour of his hair was dark as the night.

The two brothers Lucky and Wonka went on an early morning stroll through a rain forest when they went on their morning stroll they both had a race and met up with this baby fox it had orange hair like lucky. So lucky took it and then he stumbled on a stranger and the stranger had a dark robe on his body with dark long hair. The stranger said have you seen a Fox named Curry Lucky said no but what is your name you stranger said Lucky ‘’My name is called Monk Lucky said ‘’ Monk wow he said Lucky was laughing because he was laughing because of his name. Lucky was like who named you that said Lucky Monk said I like that name because I like the name Monk.

So lucky asked ‘’why are you in this rain forest said lucky’’ because Im looking for my fox so Monk kept on looking for his fox so Lucky and his brother and went back home and cleaned the fox and Wonka saw some scars on the fox so they took it to the vet and got it fixed up and went back home but when they got home they saw Monk and Monk said where is my fox at Lucky said over here I will not give it back to you so Monk said it’s time to give you a lesson on respect time to kill you so Lucky and Wonka ran into the house and grabbed their keys and gear and went on their car into the canyons but Monk had a vehicle as well so he catches up.

When Monk was chasing them Wonka got his pistol out and shot Monks’ tires. When he did that Monk had his own motor bike he also  had a gun so he tried to shoot their tires as well. But monk got so annoyed he said I will get you back so he went back to his house and had a rest and then lucky followed Monk to his house so he could set bombs around the house. But Monk could he something outside so he went and he saw Lucky outside and said time for some payback Lucky ran to the car and got his machete out and and tried to kill Monk but he was not able reach him so Wonka said I’ll help so he came and took the final BLOW with a big SMASH and a KAPOW and then he shot Monk right in the head. When Wonka shot him in the head he was so proud of himself for helping his brother they said let’s celebrate with a nice McDonald meal. So Lucky said when we get the meal they would go back home and have their feed. They  decided to give the Fox and they name called it Kurry. When they finished naming the Curry Lucky said ‘’ bed time for both of you know so all three of them went to bed Wonka said good night don’t let the bedbugs bite.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Iluminate writing

On Tuesday there was something special happening in the hall when we went into the hall we saw that some of all of the shutters were closed for an amazing show and they were called I luminate and I knew that it was going to be a light show  when I saw the teachers close the last shutter I knew that it was going to be a light show when they closed of the rest of the exits they also had to turn the lights off and that’s when the fun started to happen .  I asked the teachers how many songs there were and they said two and said that's short but when it started it was so fun I shouted as loud as I could when I was watching the show they had all these colourful lights on them that kept on turning their led lights off and on their was a technician person controlling the lights on the suit which might of been hard for him when I was watching the show I saw these and it was amazing and my favourite part was when wait actually I did not have any favourite parts because I loved all their dance moves .

When I was watching the show I saw all these tricks lights when they like turn all the lights off beside’s the light’s on the head which makes it looks like it’s floating in thin air they did other cool stunts on the stage when I was watching I was chatting with some friends when we looked back at the stage all we saw was when I saw one of the dancers jumped of and done front flip and landed safely on the ground and jumped off the ground and landed on the stage on both feet and the whole was so excited how the dancer landed on both feet because it looked like that dancer was the shortest dancer on the stage then when I saw them disappear I knew that they had all of their lights off and went into another formation for the next chores. Which was when they did  this formation with the man actor in the front and with all his lights on and the other two had lights on there arms on which made a formation the two arms had to stick out the person in front and made them look like a monster.

When the first song finished they had one more song left the song was like short but also cool in a way it was not loud but kind relaxing for me but maybe not other people when I saw the movements they were moving in sequence and had done all these amazing dance moves were cool  and when the show had finished the school had to go back to class and pack up  but the year seven and eights had to stay and ask some questions from the dancers there were six students that ask question one was when dezarae ask if you no the dabb and they said no so she did and we all were like ohh and the last question was who inspired you to dance and they all answered it one was when the main actor said that the person who inspired him was Michael  Jackson  and then we he finished his answer we had to go back to class and pack up and go home.

Mata i pusi reading

rocket bike

The super powered motorbike. I really like this invention because I really love to travel fast this motorcycle can travel faster than a brand new bugatti. Because of the new rocket jet fuel inside the rocket engines. The guy that invented the Super bike was powered with extra big tanks of NOS and the bike that he has I can not believe that he is use a small skinny bike I actually thought he was going to use a big fat mountain with big wheels that have heaps of grip. But I want to know how he's going to stop the bike is going over 333 kilometers.

When I read the article it was so bizarre how he could ride on something like I thought he was going to fall down and die because I thought it was impossible and he did the impossible when read the article he said he put nos on the bike to make it go even faster and would really want ride on one of those kind of machine in the future but upgraded where you can control your