Tuesday, 21 November 2017

RLWC-- 2017


The beginning of the league world cup had started in 27th of October and the first game was held in Melbourne and the teams were Australia vs England the score was 18 - 4 winner was Australia that was the first game of the season in total of all the games which have been 28 in total including the semi's and the finals. Who I think would win semi's for their games are Tonga and Australia those are the main people that I think will win their rounds would be Tonga and Australia.

 Image result for tonga rlwc 2017 squad                Image result for aussie rlwc 2017 squad

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Test practice

 Today we were getting ready for our test up ahead here is a test problem for you to see what we were doing.

Word Problems

Walt: Find and appropriate strategy to solve each word plroblem.

Maths Problems Reversibility

Here is a maths Presentation about solving division and multiplication problems and also learning how to use reversibility in our work.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Rugby League Game

In the weekend I heard about the game against Tonga v Samoa. Even Though I didn't watch the game but I heard that the game was awesome it was also a close at that when I was at home all I could hear was the Samoan and Tongan people yelling and waving there flag for the games it was so loud and crazy. When I was at home I ask anyone if they were betting on who was gonna win my mum and dad said Samoa maybe but my mum was like not going to bet but like everyone din my family didn't well after I asked them I went away and looked around on the net to find when the game started I heard that it started at 7.30.

When the game started I heard so many things outside like yelling and things that I shouldn't have heard I was funny when the game had finished I came to school and heard that Samoa Lost to Tonga and the Points were....................................................... 32 to 18 to Tonga and that was I heard from Friends and Family Sorry for not telling you more Goodbye.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Beat the Goalie: Reflection

Walt: Use Makey Makey kit

Makey Makey kit is a tool that can allow the user to be able to control a anything you a makey makey kit is meant for games but around the world people have been able to make instruments with fruit. So today the Point England extension have had the opportunity to make a game for people that had special. So all of the extension group has split up In my group was Talita and Seini had to make a game for people that had a symptom called Amputated.

Amputated that means people that are unable to control their upper body so our group had to create a game that was suitable for people with that symptom so the game that we created was called beat the goalie. The reason we had the makey makey for was to be able to make these people play how we did that was astonishing after a weeks we all got used to using the makey makey.

When all the group got their games finish and all the controls had been settled
but some of the groups had a different idea they all did the musical instruments im still unsure what the symptom for there was but still everyone had fun.
Going on to end My group learned a lot in those weeks when we were making our games every one was so happy and that is all I have to say.