Tuesday, 30 June 2015

my awsome super hero powers

Walt: write effective paragraph's and write juscie words
If I had superpowers I would want to have super speed so on my rugby team I can get lot’s of tries for my team so we could win. If I am late for school I could just speed straight to school. I would also like to have speed because if someone needs help I could rescue them instead of the police risking their lives to help the citizens In need of help and I can get a medal from the USA.

My powers look like silvery because my uniform would be silvery and when I use my capability it will look like silvery lightning bolt’s I can make tornado with my two bair and I can also go through time and all the work that I need to catch up on I can finish it off . My capability would feel like the wind because when I run ultra fast I feel the wind pressing me back but I just keep running forward and I never turn back because i will fall and smash my head on the ground I  chose silvery because that is really a cool colour for me and when I run my capability would be white and you could see me and I could also heal myself really hypersonic so I don’t need to go to the hospital.
marked by danielle rubric

I would use my powers to help the warriors if Shaun Johnson get’s injured I could jump in the team and get lots of tries to win the game for new Zealand. If the safe is being  robbed I could run to the safe and take the polices handcuffs and cuff the robber to save the day again and take him to the police station. If the news paper guy is sick I could take him over and run all over auckland and deliver the newspaper that was written about the flash saved the day and take their newspaper to them ultra fast.

we have been writing about having super powers and my power is speed I was inspired to use from the flash my powers is making tornado's liked the flash I really like to be fast because I will never be late for anything like the flash. I was learning to write effective paragraphs and write juscie words in our work and then we got into groups. The task ask us to do get into 2 groups and paired work on the others paragraph when we finished we did the others after we did that we went on to the the paragraph rubric and marked it when we were finished wed had to blog it.

Friday, 26 June 2015

super mario writing effective

WALT: write effective paragraphs

Mario is a Italian person, he wears a hat with a white M on his hat, Mario can grow big when he eats a mushroom, Mario wears blue pants and a red long sleeve`, he has a mustache, Mario has blue eyes and he has brown hair. Mario in the game he does  jumping, he grows and crushes and he walks. He jumps on the bad monsters and then he pops up. Mario also duck’s when someone throws something at him and he can also jump and pop little special powers out of the ? question box.  

On super mario you use the arrows on the keyboard to go
is the right arrow, to jump is the top arrow and to kill the stupid enemies is to jump on the top of them. Ducking does so like when something like a fireball comes you can duck and dodge the fire ball to do that you push the down arrow rapidly to dodge the fire ball faster , to move to sides you just press the right and left button to go sideways so you can dodged the scary alfall ugly enemies and then you just jump on to the enemies  

I think this game is very addicting and pretty boring for me because all you do is just moving on to other levels and you really don’t get to upgrade on him so that’s why this game is really really boring. I think that the game is not that challenging for me and it is really stupid but I don’t really know why it is popular. Super mario is quite boring for me because it is not that hard for me and that's why I don’t play super mario and that is not hard because you don’t get to chose your hardness of the game that's why it is not hard for me at all

We were learning to write effective paragraphs for writing and we writing about super mario

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


walt:We are learning how to use similes to describe things in our writing to capture our audience. today we were learning al about similies

word word

walt identify different word classes using pictures walt

today we were learning to identifies the words

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

maths problem 3

Make sure you complete all of the following activities this week:

we were learning to split the number that we were learning to solve in our problem

Monday, 15 June 2015

problem solving 6

Walt: find the fraction of a number Today me and my group have done a presentation working out this equation can you try to work out we were learning to solve times and division strategies

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

prblem solving for smart kids

walt: find the fraction of a number
 Today me and my group have done a presentation working out this equation can you try to work out we were learning to solve times and division strategies

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

problems for smart kids in school

Walt: solve problems using multiplication and division strategies Today me and my group have done a presentation working out this equation can you try to work out we were learning to solve times and division strategies