Friday, 26 June 2015

super mario writing effective

WALT: write effective paragraphs

Mario is a Italian person, he wears a hat with a white M on his hat, Mario can grow big when he eats a mushroom, Mario wears blue pants and a red long sleeve`, he has a mustache, Mario has blue eyes and he has brown hair. Mario in the game he does  jumping, he grows and crushes and he walks. He jumps on the bad monsters and then he pops up. Mario also duck’s when someone throws something at him and he can also jump and pop little special powers out of the ? question box.  

On super mario you use the arrows on the keyboard to go
is the right arrow, to jump is the top arrow and to kill the stupid enemies is to jump on the top of them. Ducking does so like when something like a fireball comes you can duck and dodge the fire ball to do that you push the down arrow rapidly to dodge the fire ball faster , to move to sides you just press the right and left button to go sideways so you can dodged the scary alfall ugly enemies and then you just jump on to the enemies  

I think this game is very addicting and pretty boring for me because all you do is just moving on to other levels and you really don’t get to upgrade on him so that’s why this game is really really boring. I think that the game is not that challenging for me and it is really stupid but I don’t really know why it is popular. Super mario is quite boring for me because it is not that hard for me and that's why I don’t play super mario and that is not hard because you don’t get to chose your hardness of the game that's why it is not hard for me at all

We were learning to write effective paragraphs for writing and we writing about super mario

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