Friday, 20 February 2015

holiday hightlight

Holiday highlight  

In the holiday my auntie asked the whole family to go to the panderer pools and it was going to be awesome at the pools but when we got there the outside pools was closed.

My cousin brandon had to text my auntie tracey to meet us at the the gi pools so when my cousin texted her we had to go and drop him off at the cinemas.

After we drop him off we went to the gi pools and it was just my 3 cousins and my brother and sister,me when we got there they were there inside the pools so me and my brother and sister to get  in our swimming clothes on to go swimming .After I was changed I went in to the deep pool but it got kinda bored so I went into the warm pool my family was starting to arrive to the pools and I was getting hungry so I asked my mum if there was something to get and she said “yes”and then we went home and ate the end.

The Duffy Show.

WALT:Follow the structure of a recount to produce a peace of writing.
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On Monday the year 4-8 s went to  line up at our rooms and we  left off to the assembly and we all sat down on the ground and when we got there they were playing simon says in the hall . They said do you want to see Duffy and we said yes!  

 P1.Duffy came and we were all excited to see the Amazing Duffy came and sang a song that introduced themselves to the 4-8 after they did that they started the Duffy show. Now we begin the story of a girl who never knew how to read a book now Duffy said to us we need to help Seanna read books so Duffy went to the library to borrow 6 books so Duffy went to read his book Duffy are you rich then how did you get your books then with a library card do you want one I don't like reading. I do not know how to read I will teach you to read okay what`s your favourite movie to watch OM harry potter hold on here you go the book now read it can you go away now time to read hum wow this is cool okay but how do I get a library card.You need to ask a parent but my mum dose not like to read is that your mum right their come on Seanna I want to go home so I can watch my show at home on tv

We learned that reading is good for your brain

omarau creek

WALT:we all have to find out information about the creekChurchill Park
 Omarau creek is right next to the waiotaki bay               
There are cat fish and eels in the creek            
The creek is really smelly and dirty
we are clearing new things about omarau creek

crazy tasty flavoured chicken worms

Walt: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation
Mr Goodwin said to our literacy class that have your teacher ever feed you chicken flavour worms?
Mr Goodwin said have  ever heard about wriggly worms

At the end we all were laughing hard and crazy .

Mr Goodwin ask us to do a simple sentence and complex sentence and another simple sentence.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The power of rubbish

WALT: look beyond the text
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What kind of gas is being produced by large rubbish landfills?methane gas is made by rubbish dug in a hole and left.
What happens if landfills are left alone?it begins to rot and makes the compact in the ground

What are the two ways of dealing with rubbish landfill methane gas build-ups?The easy way of dealing with it is flaring the rubbish in a safe way .

How many homes could the Auckland landfill power with its methane gas?At the biggest Auckland land company should produce enough electricity for nine thousand homes.

What can  the land above a landfill be used  before it can be used for methane gas?It can be used for a new golf course or sports ground.
The post is all about the power of rubbish