Thursday, 17 November 2016

Earthquake kaikoura

Walt: Compose a letter using vocabulary to add effect
To people of Kaikoura  

I Legitimately feel sorry for your lost I hope you may recover and find hope so that you may recover from your family's death and that you may find your true love. I feel so sorry about your hometown I feel terrible about the landslides, the cracks on the road and also the ocean seabed on how it had lifted up. I really am sorry about the awful earthquake that had accrued on kaikoura and I know that I don’t know how many people have died I hope that your city can recover from all that damaged.

I feel so shocked about how many aftershocks that have occurred in your city I hope that your city will be safe and hope you all get out of kaikoura and get safe from all of the damage and hope know one else will die from landslide and I hope that the navy shall come and rescue you from the 7.5 earthquake and I wish that the earthquake those not keep on rising.

I have seen the news I saw that three lucky had survived I looks like their has come early.
I really wish that you guys may make it through the earthquake and will not potentially rise and create more death and destroy your city and I hope that the sea life may be saved and will not die and will be safe inside an aquarium.

Your sincerely Moroni

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Properties of shapes and angles

Our task today was to learn and find out what the angle was for all our question and find out the answer was for that angle and we also had to make a poster explaining what was an angle and what the degrees were for the shape the end.

Monday, 7 November 2016

My Extension project

This is my extension project and have made it into a video for you to watch. I have placed information inside this presentation for you to read and watch what I have been learning about is Heroes and Technology. My hero is Usain Bolt why I have picked Usain Bolt is because he is also fast but has heaps of courage when he does his running for the Olympic. I have also learnt how technology has changed everything for the olympic you will see all the information in my video.