Friday, 25 September 2015

Cindy in the house

Goodbye It is the holiday so In am just doing a last blog post for the term the favourite day was going watching the Cindy in the house. 

See yeah laters

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Market day Market day

Walt: write an interesting and detailed recount .
On friday Team 4 had a market they the topic was called Trade and enterprise team four had to sell  the product that the door hangers group was making door hangers had designs for their  door. On Friday the door hanger group had to go all to the groups to ask them to buy their product then they had to go and find the customers that go orders from the  group and hand the door hangers out to them.

My group was called  the Costume Stationery  we were making door hangers in my group where Lomio and Muba we had to make in our group we all had to work as a team.

The Costume Stationery were making Customized door hangers, Bookmark, name labels, book covers, stickers, badges, and they all had to make generic copies to sell on friday which is the market day and the Costume Stationery group had to set up on friday for the market day. The Costume Stationery group had to do last minute check ups for the orders and the generic copies to sell.

When I went to the hot chip group and had to wait for four minutes in the line so I asked for a refund and got my money back from them so I went to the candle group and got my candle.
Then I went to all of the groups and checked them out if I want to buy there stuff

When we were selling we had to go and give the products that we made for the orders and give it out to the Customers that bought the product.

When we were selling we had sold all our products out to students and Visitors and then we had sold out of products.

I did like the market they because I got to hang out with friends. On the market mke and lomio muba bought quite a lot of stuff on the market

Highlight on the rubric where think your writing scores
Recount Writing

Write for my reader
I've tried to think about my reader
My writing shows some awareness of reader because my writing is quite clear and I have tried to interest my reader.
My writing is easy to understand and I have tried to tell the reader what it was like to be there by giving details and my thoughts.
My writing really considers audience as reader because I have kept their interest and made them feel like they know exactly what it was like for me.
I tried to meet the purpose
My text goes some way towards meeting the purpose
The message is clear in some parts of the recount.
My text fully meets the purpose.
The message is clear all through the recount.
My introduction does not yet clearly orientate or hook in my reader.
My introduction gets some buy in from audience and they can understand what I am going to write about.
My introduction hooks in my reader and it is clear what I am writing about.
My introduction wows my reader!
Paragraph Topics
My paragraphs are confused and don't follow my plan.
I have tried to follow my plan.
Most my paragraphs are about 1 big idea and I have added some detail.
My paragraphs have some complex as well as simple sentences. Post paragraphs give details about 1 big idea.
I have followed the paragraph topic in my plan.
My paragraphs have complex and simple sentences. Paragraphs all give details about 1 big idea.

Task Today I have learned how to write a detailed recount and have written a recount about the market day on Friday and have learned how to write a full recount and have done and interesting writing and a detailed recount.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Juicy words for food

Walt Write a poem using verbs, nouns , and adjective
Muddy Soar
Sprinting Tackling Kicking

Crunchy Sweet
Ripe Juicy Hard
We were learning to write poems using verbs and adjectives with nouns in our writing.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Angry animals

walt write with adjectives nouns verbs and adjectives



Today we have learned how to use adjectives and nouns with verbs and adjectives in our sentences.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Auxiliary verbs

WALT: We are learning about adverbs and how to use them effectively. Today we have learned how to make short sentences by using auxiliary verbs in our sentences and have used pictures that we have searched up and made sentences from those pictures.