Monday, 8 December 2014

Friday, 5 December 2014


P1: Two thousand years ago in a city called Nazareth, there lived a woman called Mary.Mary got married to a man named Joseph.  One night an angel appeared named Gabriel.Gabriel gave Mary some good news.The angel said that “God has chosen Mary to have his  son”So Mary told Joseph about the Angel.

P2.Then the king told everyone to go to bethlehem so he knows how much people he would have to lead.So Mary and Joseph set off and when they got there  lot of people were already there. So there was no where for them to stay mary told the grumpy innkeeper of the house about the baby so the grumpy innkeeper thought for a moment and said “you can stay here in the stable”

P3. But the innkeeper said to mary and joseph you can stay inside the stable.So jesus was born and the angels told the the shepherds that jesus was born.An they all ran their and the three wise men sore the star and they knew that a king was  born so it took them awhile to get to bethlehem so they bringed gifts for him at the stable .They were gold frankensense myrrh.