Monday, 6 November 2017

Rugby League Game

In the weekend I heard about the game against Tonga v Samoa. Even Though I didn't watch the game but I heard that the game was awesome it was also a close at that when I was at home all I could hear was the Samoan and Tongan people yelling and waving there flag for the games it was so loud and crazy. When I was at home I ask anyone if they were betting on who was gonna win my mum and dad said Samoa maybe but my mum was like not going to bet but like everyone din my family didn't well after I asked them I went away and looked around on the net to find when the game started I heard that it started at 7.30.

When the game started I heard so many things outside like yelling and things that I shouldn't have heard I was funny when the game had finished I came to school and heard that Samoa Lost to Tonga and the Points were....................................................... 32 to 18 to Tonga and that was I heard from Friends and Family Sorry for not telling you more Goodbye.

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