Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bloody forest

The Bloody Forest
One day there were two boys their names were Lucky, Wonka. Lucky was 18 years old and he had an Afro as big as a bush the colour of his hair was bright as the sun and he was tall as a door. He had one brother his name was
Wonka, he was 16 years old he was short as a year 8 and his hair was the same as his brothers hair but the colour of his hair was dark as the night.

The two brothers Lucky and Wonka went on an early morning stroll through a rain forest when they went on their morning stroll they both had a race and met up with this baby fox it had orange hair like lucky. So lucky took it and then he stumbled on a stranger and the stranger had a dark robe on his body with dark long hair. The stranger said have you seen a Fox named Curry Lucky said no but what is your name you stranger said Lucky ‘’My name is called Monk Lucky said ‘’ Monk wow he said Lucky was laughing because he was laughing because of his name. Lucky was like who named you that said Lucky Monk said I like that name because I like the name Monk.

So lucky asked ‘’why are you in this rain forest said lucky’’ because Im looking for my fox so Monk kept on looking for his fox so Lucky and his brother and went back home and cleaned the fox and Wonka saw some scars on the fox so they took it to the vet and got it fixed up and went back home but when they got home they saw Monk and Monk said where is my fox at Lucky said over here I will not give it back to you so Monk said it’s time to give you a lesson on respect time to kill you so Lucky and Wonka ran into the house and grabbed their keys and gear and went on their car into the canyons but Monk had a vehicle as well so he catches up.

When Monk was chasing them Wonka got his pistol out and shot Monks’ tires. When he did that Monk had his own motor bike he also  had a gun so he tried to shoot their tires as well. But monk got so annoyed he said I will get you back so he went back to his house and had a rest and then lucky followed Monk to his house so he could set bombs around the house. But Monk could he something outside so he went and he saw Lucky outside and said time for some payback Lucky ran to the car and got his machete out and and tried to kill Monk but he was not able reach him so Wonka said I’ll help so he came and took the final BLOW with a big SMASH and a KAPOW and then he shot Monk right in the head. When Wonka shot him in the head he was so proud of himself for helping his brother they said let’s celebrate with a nice McDonald meal. So Lucky said when we get the meal they would go back home and have their feed. They  decided to give the Fox and they name called it Kurry. When they finished naming the Curry Lucky said ‘’ bed time for both of you know so all three of them went to bed Wonka said good night don’t let the bedbugs bite.

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