Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Death Battle

CHARACTERS, tourist, Zane is short and annoying, and john loves hunting, raz has black hair and is shy as well, Zack is a scaredy cat and is shy from time to time. Wild hunters and wild animals     
CONFLICT, the hunters are trying to catch the leader from the lion pack

One beautiful day John went hunting with his light rifle. He asked his friends Zane, Zack, and Raz if they wanted to come hunting. Zane was short and also the annoying one because he never stopped talking. The other two never liked to talk  because they were both shy. When they went hunting they stumbled on some tourists who wanted to take photos of wild animals. But when John and his friends went with the tourists they weren’t the only one’s looking for wildlife. There were other hunters looking for wild animals like lions, tigers and other vicious animals in Australia.
But when John said “there is no need to hunt these wild animals” and “why are you doing this?” the leader from the wild hunters said “you should just leave and let us carry on with our thing”. So John said “why don’t you just leave! You are not from here so just get on your plane and go back to Austria!” They went but they never left. Instead they sorted out a plan to capture some of the tourists.
Later that day the hunters returned and kidnapped some of the tourists as bait to lure John and all his mates. When John woke up he saw that some of the tourists were missing. Suddenly he saw the hunters and they didn’t look happy. “Let’s make a deal” said the hunter. “We want all the lions in exchange for the four hostages”. John got so angry that he but he had no other choice. When he told his mates what had happened, they decided to come up with another plan.
The men talked and talked until they came up with a plan. John said “we should create a distraction so the others will be able to get in and take the hostages to safety”. So they went on with the plan and went to the enemy’s base. When they got to the enemy’s base, they split up into two team’s. One half  went and created a distraction so that the other half of the team could grab the hostages and take them to safety.
FInally the hostages were safe. Their plan had worked. The police were already on their way to arrest the bad guys and took them to jail.  


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