Thursday, 9 June 2016

rocket bike

The super powered motorbike. I really like this invention because I really love to travel fast this motorcycle can travel faster than a brand new bugatti. Because of the new rocket jet fuel inside the rocket engines. The guy that invented the Super bike was powered with extra big tanks of NOS and the bike that he has I can not believe that he is use a small skinny bike I actually thought he was going to use a big fat mountain with big wheels that have heaps of grip. But I want to know how he's going to stop the bike is going over 333 kilometers.

When I read the article it was so bizarre how he could ride on something like I thought he was going to fall down and die because I thought it was impossible and he did the impossible when read the article he said he put nos on the bike to make it go even faster and would really want ride on one of those kind of machine in the future but upgraded where you can control your

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