Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Survivor: Reflection

The first problem we faced would have to be finding supplies and water. The way we solved the problem would have to be searching in groups of two to make the search much more efficient and faster so that it was easier.

Another problem that we ran into was finding out what we would have to build first the options were a Boat & a House. Another important problem we ran into was figuring out who would have been the leader to organized search parties and more, Ther way we resolved the problem was playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

When making decisions it wasn't just one person who had burden it was the whole group so it was actually easier on the group it's self.

The reason we had to do this task was so that we would have a brief vision of what the government has to do for the people in their community, So our teacher made us do something similar but on a smaller scale, So we had to pick someone who would be able to do what the government can.
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