Friday, 26 August 2016

Hiwi the kiwi writing

Hiwi the kiwi planning: laughing, cheering, learning about fish, We were learning about fish and how we look after them , If you catch a fish that is under 20 centimeters you have to let it grow, if it is too big you have to let it breed.we were also trying to save these nearly extinct animals.

Mark and Chrissy, the founder of hiwi the kiwi, came to our school. They came to show us a cool performance about saving our fish and saving the life cycle of seafood for all to enjoy in the future. Mark and Chrissy came to explain how to save and keep our environment healthy and clean, so all our animals in the sea get to live a healthy life, and also to song  these endangered specie called the black Petril bird which is nearly extinct and that is why hiwi the kiwi came to our school.

Mark and Chrissy the founders had been traveling around New zealand For some people where are life jacket had been visiting schools all around the country. when they came to our school they had started to play a song which was called Pukeko Weko the song was cool but at the same time boring for me but I think other people through that it was amusing to sing and dance too. They also taught us fun facts to learn about fish and how we were able to look after them because they knew all of that from traveling and finding out new facts around our country and also school and inspiring other kids besides us.

When Mark asked us if we knew what was the correct answer of size for a snapper he asked if anyone knew  the answer so my brother Lehi put his hand up and he went on to the stage and had said you need theruler to measure the fish if it is the right size to have

Mark asked if anyone knew why we needed lifejackets and a little girl put her hand up and said we need it because so when we go on to the boat and if we have an accident we will be able to float instead of swim and waste your energy trying to get to land. He also told us a story when these three men that knew how to swim were going super fast and were just zooming all over these lake and had know idea that there was this massive log in front of them and they went flying into the air and there lifejackets were in the front of the boat but they never had enough time to get to so when they fell out of the boat, and the boat had still been going and it went zooming down the lake and the those men were never found because they drowned because they never had their life jackets on.

When mark was finished the story he sang us a song which was called Kai  moana the song was cool I really liked because it was catchy I really liked I would give it a ten out ten. When the song was finished they said goodbye and one of our prefects said thankyou and goodbye to the Hiwi the Kiwi.

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