Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Silicon Valley writing

Last term two boys from Tamaki college came to our school their names are Saia and Gabriel they came to our school and were coming to tell us about where they were going they said that they were going to Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is in America where they were going to meet the founders of the companies like Google, Twitter, Xero, Ideo, Facebook, and other companies as well.    

If I had a chance to go to Silicon Valley then I would because I would want to see all those cool companies and meet new people and also the founders of the companies. Also I would like to visit the famous prison called the Alcatraz that prison used to be the top prison in all of America and only three people were able to escape but  know knew were their bodies where.
If I get the chance to go to Silicon Valley I would want to visit google and would see all the amazing things in google.

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  1. hi mo its me jordin I love your story about silicon valley it is so impressive. you have done a wonderful job on your story I am really impressed with your writing. hoping to see more.