Wednesday, 10 August 2016

How our muscles work

In our body there is over 600 hundred muscles for our body just to move and to be stable all those 600 hundred muscles in our body are all important, if any of those were to die our body will fail on us and we will have to wait for our body to heal the muscles. We have 600 hundred muscles to 850 muscles in our body and we also have these three types of muscles in our body they are called the skeletal muscles and smooth muscles and cardiac muscles inside your body.

There is the skeletal muscles and cardiac muscles and the smooth muscles they each have a purpose in your body. The first muscles is called the smooth muscles also known as involuntary muscles which means it works by itself and you don’t have to tell it what to do. There is another muscle called the cardiac muscle it is also known as the heart and the myocardium and also pumps blood and relaxes your body.

The last muscle is called skeletal muscle also known as the voluntary muscles unlike the involuntary muscle the voluntary muscle works when you want it to work so like when you move your hand you could see your muscles when you tense your arm and that is what skeletal muscle is and is also attached to your bones and by tendons.

Your muscle just don’t move by themselves your brain sends these brain waves through your body and the brain is also known as the cerebral motor cortex and the cerebellum. The cerebellum helps the cerebral motor cortex to send brain waves which are also electrical pulse in your body to move your muscles. But there is another the brain can’t just do it by itself there is a muscle extensor and flexors they are also known as biceps the bicep helps to contract the muscle and to relax the muscle and there is also another name for the extensors which are called triceps also contracts and relaxes the muscles.

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