Friday, 8 July 2016

Activitie one of winter Learning journey

Image result for pentathlon 776I am picking the pentathlon for my sports because back in the BC , I'd really love to be active I love Shot put because I came first in Shot put for my school. For javelin I came first and I would be active all time at Javelin, and I have a good arm at launching the spear back in the BC. I would love to do long jump because I love to do fitness and I would be able to jump high and go long.  In the challenge of pentathlon I think I would come 5th for the first heat on 100 meters sprint and on the last heat I would come 9th.

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  1. Hi Moroni!

    Welcome to the Winter Learning Journey programme! I am so sorry but my last comment doesn't appear to have loaded properly. I was actually on your blog on Sunday and left you a detailed comment then. Oops!

    Oh, well. We will just try again! I was really pleased to see that you had posted an activity blog for the programem about pentathlon. I think that you've made a great choice with this sport. It's very challenging but, given that you love to do fitness activities, I am sure that you could handle it!

    Like you, I also love stay fit and to get outside. I try to go running as often as I can but I do find that I am less active in the winter months. I'm really trying to fix that and to go out even if it's raining and cold!

    I hope that you have had many opportunities to get outside so far during this holiday. The sun has been shining over the past few days so it's certainly been great weather for playing and for running!

    Hope to see you back online this holiday as well. There are 20 other activities that you can choose from as part of the Winter Learning Journey. I'll check your blog again on Thursday to see if you've had to post any more blogs!

    See you then,