Monday, 12 December 2016

Picnic writing

Walt Time to finish things off properly
Last week on Friday the whole entire school had a picnic, it was so fun because we got to play and swim and also make sand castle. We had lots of sports and got to play touch with the year 8 boys and also the year 7 boys and also we were able to have karaoke with the whole school we also got to make sculptures out of clay.

The first activities that I did was played touch with the boys because it was the only fun activitie to play for me when I had finished playing touch I went make a sculpture with the clay all I had to do was put water on then I was able to construct and make a sculpture when I had finished playing I went and played with some friends we had buried somebody under sand and it was really fun because every time we had applied sand to him it kept on going on his face it was so hilarious and funny.

When we were playing and having so much fun  you could see that the sand was hot and ground was burning we all were burning and dying in this heat and were wanting jump into the ocean and have a swim that was how hot it was on Friday.

When I was playing it started to get  even hotter and so all did was just stay in the shade and had rest from all that playing and running so I went to have a water and had seen some of my friend eating so I had joined and we were eating some pizza that was all I had done for the school picnic.

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