Friday, 9 September 2016

Cross country

When I was getting started for cross country, I could feel the heat coming of the players, I was nervous because I thought that I was going to get a bad start I could feel the cold grass and the smelly mud, I was getting into my starting position when everyone was pushing everybody to get a head start and win the race.

When Mr Burt said “on your mark get set go!” and the clapper went off like it was a gun shooting straight up into the air. all runners ran off and went off like a flash, all you could see was people running off like a jippy everybody was so excited and all you could hear was the crowd going wild and shouting, it was like we were in a stadium with over 700 hundred people shouting, when the runners were sprinting they past the icky muddy puddle which was a challenge all you could see was that some of the runners were slipping in the filthy mud and falling.

When the runners got back up I tried my hardest to get  in front of all the players when I got out of the school boundary it was hard to run because the grass was long as an cut bush it was we were in a jungle it was hard to run because every time we ran we kept sinking into the mud it was like we're stepping into quicksand when we past the mud we had to run 1500 kilometers around the reserve once we got out of the mud we had to take a right and past the smelly horse were it smelt like we past a dump with all the trash in one spot so I tried to get as far as I could from the horse kaka all I saw was cows and lots of it when I made I had stopped for a break then carried on it was like my legs got punched it was so sore but I never gave. When I past the cows I could smell the cows when they we’re doing their business it was so unpleasant the smell was stinky it was like I  was swimming in kaka so I ran an ran an ran until I got to the other side and had a little break it was like I had been running for over five hours and like I was sitting in a tanning bed so I tried to sprint to the finish as so I sprinted as fast as I could. When I was close to the finish I past it and came ninth and I was so happy that I came ninth place and past and I was stoked that all I wanted to do was sit down and relax because tired as a sloth. So when I got to the end of the line I ran to the water and grabbed myself a nice glass of water and then I ran to the water to drink some more and that is what happened at the cross country for 2015 the end.

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