Friday, 26 February 2016

narrative writing 3

One day in a foggy fall there were two boys their names were Lucifer,Demi Lucifer had black hair and Demi had brown hair and they were best of friends Lucifer was 5 inches tall and Demi was 4 foot short. Those two loved to play and muck around but when they were playing  they happily stumbled into a scary forest and it was called Fatal Foggy fall all they could see was fog and fog for ages they didn’t care then the misty fog cleared up then they saw bush's when those two saw all they thought about was playing hide and go seek. When they finished their game saw this man he had dark black hair which was spiky and short then the two boys asked what the man's name was and the man replied he said my name Mr Foggy. The two boys got scared when they were in Mr Foggy’s house all they saw was head and body and when they went to the kitchen they said where's dinner you are the dinner so the ran straight out the hid and the Mr foggy said you can’t hide for ever you know.

The problem was that when Mr foggy came after them dumb like a donkey so the two boys keep looking for the sign when they found it Mr Foggy was already there. Mr Foggy was fast but dumb like the two boys so the two boys keep running and stepping Foggy because Foggy keep throwing rocks and pebbles and branches He used a slingshot for the rocks and pebbles but he just threw the branches than the two boys Lucifer and Demi had an idea.

Their solution was to kill Mr foggy so they looked for a sharp object they grabbed it  then they went to Mr Foggy and said sorry then they both killed him with one blow each then Lucifer said let’s give a proper burial then they both they dug a big hole then threw him in there then Demi said can we go now they went straight home and said know more mucking around aye then they both said let’s just play bored games just for now ok shore Lucifer.
The End

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