Friday, 19 February 2016

a good brother

What a good brother looks like.
 He looks like a good friend and helps you out when you are stuck on something and he is kind to people and that loves you and he is respectful to you and he will always love. He will be helpful and will care for you when you need it the most on your journey he will not bully you he will not mock you. that is what a good brother looks like he will protect you when you need it the most and he will just be like your own brother. he will always be your friend when ever you need it and he will always be kind to you and he will love you like you are his own brother.

What a brother would sound like.
He will not say any nasty bad words and mock your family and he will always have a positive voice and will always have a kind voice and will know when to shut his mouth and close his mouth he will always have positive words coming out of his mouth. Your brother will give you positive feed back and he has encouraging feed back and encouraging words and he will always motivate you and he will always show you the right way and will always take charge he will always have a nice tone voice.  

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