Monday, 22 February 2016

Narrative writing 2

The Creepy Gloomy Forest
Chucky was tall and annoying, he had a feminine voice that sounded like a mouse. Chucky had a friend called Diego he had dark black hair he was ,7 foot short and his friend had white hair his name was frank. They went for a late night stroll as the last bit of bright sunlight was swallowed up by the darkness and Chucky frank and Diego went for a walk in the night and went into a very dark forest when they were walking they saw this light coming towards them then they saw this ugly looking person his name was Shakran he had a red face like a bamboo’s buttocks and had a black rob it was old and ruddy just like him. The ugly Shakran was snooping through and he caught a glimpse of these three boys in the forest and he said how lovely too see you boys and when they heard that creepy voice so they took off in a flash and the shakran went and all of a sudden they got caught by the CREEPY  Shakran and then they KILLED the Shakran with a machete his basement.
They didn't know that frank was evil like the Shakran.
Chucky and Diego killed Frank as soon as possible with the same weapon.

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