Friday, 12 February 2016

Moroni teacher letter

 Dear Mrs Berry

How are you feeling about 2016?
I am feeling awesome about 2016. Today I get to make new friends in my new classroom and I will look forward for a new start and a new year. In the holidays I looked forward to meet you when the holidays finished to meet my teacher Mrs Berry and I think she is a cool teacher. In 2016 I was looking forward because I was going to be a year 7.

Who do you live with at home? What memories do you have on when you were younger?
My letter is to tell a bit more. I grew up in Auckland with family my Mum, Dad, brother, sister, I grew in a house in Chiltern street. At home my Mum asked me to put the BBQ on and cook some food up for dinner after I finished cooking I went for a swim in my pool. When I was seven years old I went to my Nana house I went to play with my cousins we were playing tackle in my room then I got pushed on to desk and nearly cracked my head and went to the hospital because my head was bleeding so hard.

What are your hobbies and talents? Tell me about something you are good at.
At school I am good at sports games maths and my favourite subject to do is maths because I love doing it at home school and other places.
My favourite hobbies is games, sports, cooking, because I love the taste of food and the delicious taste and smell from the food and that is why I love food.


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