Monday, 22 February 2016

Narrative writing 1

The death fall.
Chris was tall and he kind of resembles a Giraffe he was smelly as a skunk.Jeff was short and he loved to do pranks and they are friends but they are always arguing about what to do. They both have red hair which makes them both stand out easier to find when they hide and their hair is like straw. There are four little evil zombie minions they are fast but they are dumb like a goldfish. The roller coaster is called speedy lightning when they finished the ride they were chased by evil minions. The evil minions boss was the crazy Mrs Clark dies after Chris killed her when she was chasing them then she got stabbed by Christopher.
The problem they cannot defeat the little minions because they always argue about what they are going to do so after they finished arguing they both splited up and went their own way. When Chris was going his own way he got captured and killed for stew dinner and got eaten.
Chris and Jeff can not solve the problem because they have know idea how to solve the problem and because they splitted up they wouldn't have any idea. Because Jeff was all alone by his self.

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  1. Hi Mo I Love your work because so exciting you have put some great words in it from lehi