Wednesday, 2 March 2016

show and tell writing

1 She was so sad when she lost her dog. The little girl was so sad she cried like a water fountain when she lost her black curly dog with big beautiful light blue eyes and beautiful toe nails with sharp shiny teeth. 2 The cake was delicious. The cake was big and beautiful and scrumptious and it will make your mouth water so hard it won’t stop and the icing was sweet and scrumptious dark chocolate cake with m&ms with Maltesers. 3 The beautiful garden. The beautiful garden was beautiful blue daffodils and sweet flowers with a beautiful scent of vanilla and nice bright purple lavenders. 4 it was a stormy night The night was stormy the lightning was strike fast and hard on to the ground and there were people that were streaming loud like a gorilla the clouds were dark and spooky the cloud gathered to do a big lightning strike then the lighting made a fire in a remote island with only 20 human beings. 5 it was an exciting day The day was exciting everybody playing and running and all the kids were so excited they never wanted to stop and all of a sudden there were people that was setting up the fireworks so when they lit the fireworks all the kids were so excited the beautiful fireworks were lit up.

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