Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Narrative 4

The runaway
One day a stupid little boy ran away from home the little boys name was called rangi, he had white hair just like an old man, he was 10 years old. He had two brothers one was called Currie and the other one was called Pepsi.
Rangi was the oldest, his brothers were 9 and 8 years old. Pepsi was 8 and Currie was 9, and Rangi always had to clean up after them. Rangi had, had it, with his family.  They never appreciated him, he always did the chores. So... When he had enough with his family he ran away and took all his clothes and his allowance money.  He found a little shack in a remote place called mount crazy town, he was scared but he was glad that he was not with his family any more.
Eventually Rangi got bored, so he went to find someone to play with, his name was Foxy, he had dark black eyes and scary white teeth, with bushy dark brown hair, who wore  a dark black coat that Rangi found very odd.  Rangi hesitantly asked. “Would you like to play with me?”  Foxy replied, “oh! Yes please i would love to play with you”  Together they trotted of to Foxy’s house quietly.  Upon arrival to foxy’s house, Rangi noticed that the place was filled with very odd and scary ornaments. “Aah….Foxy? Why are there so many heads in your house?”
“Do you want to play or what Rangi?!” Shouted Foxy. “Of course dweeb! By the way what are we going to play anyway?! Shouted back Rangi.
“Well... let’s play, Foxy eats Rangi! Rangi’s face dropped and he held onto his precious head, thinking “why did i leave home again? Saying out loud “AAhhh! NO THANKS WEIRD O!” Rangi ran as fast as he could away from the weird kid named foxy and the scary looking ornaments that were in the creepy house, before he became an ornament too.
While Rangi hid in the bushes away from the creepy town, he could only think of home, so he went back home and greatly appreciated his chores and family with his head still attached.
The problem is that Rangi was sick and tied of doing chores at home and not being appreciated.
He ran away from home.
Met a very creepy kid named Foxy who wanted to eat him.
The solution to these problems was Rangi should have thought about what he was doing first before running away.
Should not have gone to play with a weird looking kid.

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