Tuesday, 18 August 2015

chocolate chocolate chocolate

Walt: use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader.

I did not like this chocolate because I did not like the combination of things that were in the chocolate the chocolate was called marvellous creation and it was so yucky cause I did not like what the ingredients the chocolate was king size but it was yucky.

The ingredients that was in the marvels creation chocolate was popping candy, fizzy pops, L&P, and the product was made by cadbury.  I think that they should be shut down because there chocolate is a disgrace to all chocolates and they are trying to rip people off and the price is $5.40 and I think all the ingredients did not go nice with chocolate.

When I first saw the chocolate it looked nice but when I tasted the chocolate it was so horrible because the ingredients I did not like the chocolate because it was too rich for my taste buds. So it was not up to my expectation that is why I do not like the chocolate. The chocolate was milky and melted in my mouth and I was choking in my own drool and it was so tasty in my mouth but it was yucky because I did not like what the chocolate tasted like in my mouth because it was too milky for my mouth. The chocolate that I have tasted There was this nice but where look in the chocolate but that white weird looking thing was so yucky for me and I have never tasted that weird.

I think that they could improve the product by putting new ingredients for the marvellous. They could make the product and make it with by taking out the L&P and rocky road and fizzy pop, out of the chocolate.

I do not like this product because it is not my type of chocolate and it is yucky and too sweet for my taste buds. I am giving you this rate because the chocolate is not in my chart of chocolate because it is not nice.

We were learning to right an review for the Author and paint a picture inside the persons mind. The task ask us to speak a certain language for the read and paint a picture for the readers mind by drawing a picture in his mind.

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