Monday, 3 August 2015

bean bag world for 3pt

Walt: persuade the reader to agree with our message
Bean bags for hire

Image result for bean bagsBean bags are very relaxable to sit on in class. The bean bags is the most comfortable cushions in the class to sit on so hire a bean bag.

During class time the bean bags are available for hire to lie on. Instead of sitting on the floor or on a chair, you will be able to sit on the most comfortable  bean bags to do your work your beautiful bean bags.

The bean bags are filled with soft beans and covered in a leather bag. They can be moulded into the shape of your command. You can choose to sit on the bean bag, or use it to lean back on. so come on and buy the compatible bean bag to do your work on.

The bean bags come in two different colours. A nice bright blue one, and a beautiful nature green one. It’s your choice which one would you like to relax on in class.

The price is 3pt. You pay once at the beginning of the day and then you can use the beanbag for the rest of the day so buy soon well in stock limited time so get it well it last.

Remember for 3pt you can sit on a beanbag during class all day and nobody can take your bean bag away so it’s yours for the rest of the day.You only need to pay 3pt you can own the bean bag for the rest of the day.

today we are writing about bean bags. we are recrafting  our work and showing people why they should buy the bean bags and writing an advertisement in our work and showing them why they should hire the bean bags in our class. we have tried to purse the person to buy the bean bag.

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