Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Anzac: Day 25 of april

Anzac day was created to remember all of the fallen soldiers that had went to the fight at Gallipoli for the safety of our lives for the past and future. When they went to fight for us they were facing a vast amount of soldiers in Turkey were all of the soldiers had been stationed. When they had left for the battle field they had to leave their family behind to fight for a bigger cause. When the soldiers came back from the war the people wanted to commemorate the soldiers for what they had done on the battle field. 

The reason for why they use the poppy as the symbol of Anzac day is cause back in the days red poppies had always bloomed over graves of dead soldiers in France and Belgium. It also stands for a sign of respect and gratitude for what they did for us. There are many ways that we could celebrate Anzac day in Hastings I was able to witness a celebration which was called the Dawn Parade.

At the Dawn Parade I had seen three air fighters fly by while the soldiers where shooting off their muskets while we were standing in the cold on 25 of April.                        Image result for anzac day

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