Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Taiwan Review

The main purpose for Oscar and Nathan for sending a swab to Oxford University was so that they could find out where they were from and where their parents were from. The swab that they had sent to Oxford had their DNA on it so that Oxford could track down where all of their ancestors had and also had been so Oscar and Nathan could see where they were from. When Nathan had received his pamphlet he wanted to go to his hometown and open it when they had opened it, it said that his mum was from British and the dad was from Aotearoa and that was all it said I think. After that, they went to Samoa and had opened Oscar's pamphlet as well also with his mom and grandmother after they had finished the church. the reason Oscar and Nathan had gone on all those trips was so they could find out where their ancestors came from and also to find out were their ancestors had originated from.

One of the most interesting things that they discovered in one of the countries was from Vanuatu they had found old skeletons without any skulls. it was because the people that those skulls were related to would come and take it from them and so if you were to go there you would not find a single skeleton with a skull. But Oscar and Nathan had said that this place is really precious to these people so they were wondering if they were even allowed on the sacred grounds. After they had finished looking around in the graves they heard in Vanuatu there have been many creations like Lapita pottery which has also been found in many different cultures like Samoa, Vanuatu, and Taiwan. Also, the people who had discovered all of those precise sites were called archeologist they had found the skeleton’s and also the Lapita pottery, which is known as a dig site they also found the Lapita pottery in different countries as well. They Also found out that most Polynesians are from Asia I am not sure how but that is what happened.

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