Thursday, 7 December 2017

Extension Reflection-2017

This year in extension has been and amazing because there has been so many things that I have experience this year I wish I could stay another year so that I could do many more coding with my friends and this wonderful person called Zoey she has been and amazing person because she has not only helped me but also many others in my school, she has taught me how to do many different codes on different sites that is why I am so happy that she was able to come and help us  to code these amazing games also here are some links of our games that we have made over the year please go and play them. Mo & Talita Technology game, Beat the Goalie .

Also over these pasted few months So in term 4 we have been told that we to make a control for people that have disability's. Also we were able to create games for people all over the world well I think anyways so that is all I have to say about my year in extension hope you enjoyed today 

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