Friday, 22 September 2017

Film Festive High Light's

I am so scared about room 4 film festival movie. I heard that they were doing something mysterious and weird. Hi and my name is Moroni I am in room 4, today I will be giving you a sneak peek into what room 4 is doing for the film festival. Room 4 is doing a Blind folded food taste well entirely I am unsure in what our movie will be called so sorry for the unpleasant name. 

So I got to have a turn and it was so scary and anxious because I was sitting on a chair were, I was waiting for these random and foul foods that, I could have also when you think about it, could be anything that would be given to you so, if you want to find out on what I got to eat come along and watch room 4's amazing film festival movie hope you enjoy room 4's movie.

1 comment:

  1. I love your use of vocab Mo! You ahve shown me you have a great set of interesting words you can use! I am so excited for people to see our film! What was the worst part for you? and the best?