Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Food tech Pie Filling

Today Miss Heka showed us how to make filling for some pies for next week. The ingredients for our filling was beef mince, pinch of nutmeg, pinch of pepper, and also a tablespoon of soy sauce, and beef OXO , oil, and some onions, also some cornflour with water. When we had finished gathering our ingredients what we need to do was to gather some objects to cook with was fry pan measuring spoons measuring cup wooden spoon chopping board and to sets of sharp knifes.

It was really cool how we had set our stations up when we were cooking we had been assigned to an objective of doing something what I had to do was cook the mince the girls were prepping the stock and our onions when we had finished that we got the corn flour and water and had mixed them both together, then we grabbed a pinch of nutmeg, soy sauce, and pepper and popped it into the silver small bowl when we had finished we popped some onions in the pan and cooked till soft, then added our beef then after that we waited until the meat was cooked and added our stock then we added the soy sauce mixture then when the sauce had diluted then we added the cornflour after we had done the we left it to bowl up and then when we had finished we went to Mrs Heka and asked for the bowl when we had grabbed it and went back to our station then we added the filling and went up to Mrs Heka and gave her the pie filling and that was all we had to do.

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