Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion assembly

Today there was an immersion assembly. The teachers in pt england had to copy the theme for term 2 the theme was called as I see it.

Team 5’s our theme was called waka race between Hikianalia Te aurere and Hine moana and Hokule’a. Hokule’a and Hine Moana where both ragdolling when they were trying to get to the end of the line and hokule’a won the race. All the teams have a guiding Hikianalia one is the stars and Te Aurere one is the blood sweat and tears Hine Moana's one is the guardian of the Ocean the guiding for Hokule'a anicent ancestors.

My favourite part of team four had the funniest one because of how the bear baxendine had defeated the two heros and the two hero’s had said to Bear Baxendine and lose to the evil bear. Then the teacher vengers came and saved the day than team leader america came and smashed the evil bear to Africa then all of a sudden bat guy threw a massive uppercut the evil bear than wondering women said I will finish this of than she ran and did one the most coolest punches ever and then the evil bear went flying up into the air and the teacher vengers threw him in bars.    

My favourite part about team five act was when Hokule'a ragdolled Hine moana and Hine moana ragdolled them back with their powerful fans. Also when Te Aurere  and hikianalia was racing Te Aurere on the waka and our theme team five was called the waka race similar to surviors camp with Bear grylls. 

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