Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Kawau island year six camp bentzon

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Last week on Tuesday all the year sixes went to Kawau island for the camp which is called camp Bentzon and we went on a bus and a ferry which was long on the bus then we had to take a few stops on the way to camp. On camp Bentzon we had to do a big 2 hour hike up the mountain which was very sore and boring and wet. Have any of you been to the famous Kawau island?

Last week Tuesday all the year sixes went to camp on that Tuesday we all had free time morning tea and lunch time then we had free time same old same old just like school. At camp when we had free time I was playing volleyball and it was so cool and awesome playing volleyball. At camp Bentzon my favourite activities was the confident course because I had to take the risk on all the obstacles and it was so cool.

At camp Bentzon my favourite movie was princess bride because he always said hello my name is Inigo Montoya you killed my father prepare to die and he said that so much times and it was funny and that’s why I like it because it was hilarious.

In camp my favourite was sailing because it was so funny and cool because every time I did tiller to the sail water came in and it was so funny for me because every time something bad happens to I laugh every time I get hurt I laugh so much because I like laughing because it’s fun.

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I think that camp Bentzon is awesome because it is an once and a lifetime opportunity to go to this camp at Kawau island which was so awesome.

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