Thursday, 14 May 2015

three little pigs story

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supporting:paragraph 1

The first two little pigs were killed when the big bad wolf blew their house down with his breath.

supporting paragraph 2

The third pig was not killed because he saw the wolf climbing the so he got a boiling pot of water and put it under the chimney then the wolf died.

supporting paragraph 3
              interview mama pig or third little pig.

The three pigs builds there own homes!

Two little pigs have moved out of their mother's house in New South Wales. Two of the pigs have been murdered in their own homes and their houses destroyed by a wolf. The third pig is lucky to be alive, managing to trap and kill the wolf.

The first pig made a home so he went and asked the man for some straw to make his home. He made it an then the big bad wolf came and killed the pig and destroyed the pigs home. The second pig asked a man for some sticks to make a stronger house than the first pigs, one than he got his sticks and left to find a spot. He found him and said “let me in” when the pig has said, no , the wolf has reportedly said I’ll “huff and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down”. Sadly this is what he did, destroying the house, and killing the pig but the house was not.

Mummy Pig Interview

Mama pig why did you say that they are little when you said they are growing up so big?

Because when I had them they were my little babies and now they are big and smart and strong.

why did you want to send them out?

Because they have grown up so big and they are too big for my house.

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